Let's talk about stories and books and writing. Let's read and write together! 

Presentations are interactive and tailored to grade level, Pre-K-5th.

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Megan Maynor’s visit was a blast! Her interactive presentation was the perfect mix of educational and fun. Megan’s genuine passion for books and children really shows, and we wouldn’t hesitate to have her back!
— Amy Oelkers, Youth Services Librarian, Oakdale Library


One presentation, 45-60 minutes, $300

It’s a picture book party! Includes a storytime reading and a look at how picture books are made, with behind-the-scenes examples from Ella and Penguin. Presentation includes audience participation, and some movement to keep young minds engaged. 

Crafts and activities like the Penguin Mask or Story Starter pair well with this format.


Up to four presentations, 40-60 min each, $750

Includes a dynamic presentation about how picture books are made, including a behind-the-scenes look at early drafts and sketches. We’ll discuss how art and text work together in a finished book, and draft a story together! For older elementary students, I’ll also discuss creative writing and revision (oh, revision!) and the value of resiliency when editing—and doing anything else. 

Presentations are tailored for grade level.

Minnesota author Megan Maynor, was an engaging presenter for all Cornelia students, from kindergarten to 5th grade. Megan displays enthusiasm and perserverence as she explains the journey of creating a story to finally getting the book published. You can tell that Megan really understands children’s worries, as well as their feelings about friendship and humor. Her books make a great read aloud, with stories that entertain and speak to your heart whether you are five or fifty years old.
— Sherron Gaughan, Media Specialist, Cornelia Elementary School

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Photo: caroline herfindahl

Photo: caroline herfindahl

Megan energized my students by encouraging them to write, even with a silly, simple starting point of smelly socks! With laughter, simplicity, and genuine interest in each child’s imagination and excitement, my students left with an impression made on them to be writers. Thank you for a great visit!
— Stephanie Linehan, Grade 4 Teacher, Greenwood Elementary School; River Falls, WI