Book Launch Party!

The official Book Launch Party for ELLA AND PENGUIN STICK TOGETHER was just about exactly one month ago. I think it took me this long to re-group after all the excitement. It was a truly stunning experience--like, I was stunned for a few days. Friends from so many times and places in my life came out to buy a book and say hello that it was just...really touching. Thanks everyone. You're all the best. Here are a few highlights:

ALSO, I want to call out a couple of particularly awesome aspects of the day:

My family was there to celebrate with me--my husband and kids as well as my parents. 

I got to sign a book for David LaRochelle, who was an early mentor for this story as part of The Shabo Award at The Loft.

And Red Balloon Bookshop, friend to authors, welcomed me and hosted a fabulous party.