Writing (and not Writing) with the Seasons

I’ve been reading Anne of Green Gables with Youngest and at the end of one school year, Anne locks her school books in a trunk, hides the key from herself and plans “to let my imagination run riot for the summer.”

Nice. I like your style, Anne.

In real life, it’s not quite as tidy as that, but I’ve found it helpful to recognize the seasons and adjust my writing expectations accordingly.

Summer with kids is an SPF 50, chlorinated, chaotic few months. Which I love. But which are also exhausting. And not exactly conducive to quiet hours at the keyboard.

For me, summer is not great for generating new material. So I try to embrace that.

(In the back of my mind, I continue to run a list of projects I should be working on, just to keep a nice baseline level of stress going.)

And looking back on this summer, I did find bits of time here and there to do revisions.

But otherwise, to paraphrase Anne, summer is time to go have a beer on the patio.

Now, this week? This week is different. This week, the kids went back to school. So, obviously, now it’s time to DO ALL THE THINGS!!!

See? Realistic expectations.


Ftr, only about half these children are mine.

Ftr, only about half these children are mine.