The Heart of the Creative Process: Making Sawdust

This guy.

If I’ve got any storytelling chops, I owe them in part to my dad who has been telling tales his whole life.

He also nails it with the one-liners from time to time.

Recently, he posted a video on Facebook of my 11-year-old son in the workshop, sawing pieces off the end of a log.

One commenter asked, “What’s he making?”

My dad, instantly: “Making sawdust.”

I love this. It captures a whole creative philosphy in two words.

My son was just happy to be using a saw. He wasn't making anything in particular. When we’re young we’re not so focused on the end product. We play. We build. We make stuff. Do we know what it’s gonna be--or why we’re even doing it? No.

We're curious. We want to try things.

And maybe we end up making something cool which we want to show everyone. Or not. Doesn't matter. 

We made sawdust.







Me, My Dad

Me, My Dad