Let's Take a Minute to Appreciate 70s Parenting

It’s 1976.

I am two years old.

And…I am a ghost?

Let’s go with ghost. I think it’s safe to say this was a no-sew project. Also safe to say: “breathability” was not an issue.

I feel obligated to point out that I was not a neglected child and my parents liked me.

This was just how you could roll on Halloween in the 70s.

My parents bought some candy. They dumped it into our enameled salad bowl.

My dad took the screen out of the storm door, so you could pass the candy directly to the trick-or-treaters.

And, apparently, they cut up a pillow case.

And that was it. Ready for Halloween.

It’s so straight up. Here, you’re a ghost. Let’s go. (Well, first put on your winter coat with the mittens-on-a-string that Grandma made for you. This is Minnesota after all, and we’re not animals. )

So, as the Halloween section rolls into stores earlier each year, occupying more and more territory, and the mail order catalogs arrive offering $89 butterfly costumes and treat bags for an additional $22.50, just take a page from 70s parenting.

What do we have in the closet? A towel? Great, it’s a cape. Let’s go.