Ella and Penguin and All the Wonders

I was beyond thrilled to have a chat with Matthew Winner on his All the Wonders podcast. I've long been a fan of Matthew and his genuine enthusiasm for children's books. This podcast has featured SO MANY of the writers and illustrators I admire.

In this episode, Matthew and I talk about how Ella and Penguin came to be, how much friends really have to match, and the role of critique on the road to publication. Take a listen!

Book Launch Party!

The official Book Launch Party for ELLA AND PENGUIN STICK TOGETHER was just about exactly one month ago. I think it took me this long to re-group after all the excitement. It was a truly stunning experience--like, I was stunned for a few days. Friends from so many times and places in my life came out to buy a book and say hello that it was just...really touching. Thanks everyone. You're all the best. Here are a few highlights:

ALSO, I want to call out a couple of particularly awesome aspects of the day:

My family was there to celebrate with me--my husband and kids as well as my parents. 

I got to sign a book for David LaRochelle, who was an early mentor for this story as part of The Shabo Award at The Loft.

And Red Balloon Bookshop, friend to authors, welcomed me and hosted a fabulous party.


Ella and Penguin Blog Tour: Inkygirl

Last stop on the blog tour! Inkygirl!

I am such a fan of Debbie Ridpath Ohi--as a picture book creator and as a human. 

I first became aware of Debbie with I'M BORED which she illustrated, written by Michael Ian Black. The story is hilarious and she killed me with her illustrations of a bored and unimpressed potato. 

THEN, Debbie was tapped to illustrate the new covers for Judy Blume novels. And instead of saying something like, "I'm so honored to announce..." She shared this:


So, we all got to freak out along with her freaking out about illustrating Judy freakin' Blume covers!

As you can see, I'm a fan.

Thanks Debbie, for taking the time to ask about ELLA AND PENGUIN STICK TOGETHER and help me spread the word about this book. And thanks for all you do for the whole children's literature community by sharing your experiences, insights and tips for our benefit. 

Without further ado, here's my interview with Debbie Ridpath Ohi for Inkygirl.com



Ella and Penguin Blog Tour: The Little Crooked Cottage

thelittlecrookedcottage. blogspot.com


The Little Crooked Cottage is a site dedicated to celebrating authors, illustrators and their creations. Basically, it's a party over there!

Interviews with Mr. Pig? Check.

Adorable lunches paired with picture books? Check.

Book recommendations! Inspirational quotes! Studio tours! The Little Crooked Cottage has it all. 



Thanks to Anika Denise for connecting Mr. Pig with Ella and Penguin for their very first interview!

And thanks to Nina of Mamabelly's Lunches with Love for the most adorable sandwiches ever!

Read Ella and Penguin's interview HERE.

See the Ella and Penguin Literary Lunch HERE.


Ella and Penguin on TV!

This was a fun surprise today! Gianna, of Family Fun Twin Cities, chose ELLA AND PENGUIN STICK TOGETHER for a segment on WCCO-TV about fun indoor activities: "Crafts in the Cold" (fitting since the temp climbed all the way up to seven degrees today). Gianna created super-cute Ella and Penguin puppets and showed the hosts how to make them. : ) 

(E&P segment starts at 3:00, after the bracelets)


Ella and Penguin Blog Tour: Kidlit411

I'm excited to be jetting around the internet this month to talk about Ella and Penguin with some of my favorite writers, illustrators and bloggers.

Here we go...

First Stop: Kidlit411

I met Sylvia Liu through a group of debut picture book authors and illustrators--On The Scene in 2016. Sylvia's first book is also coming out this year! (A MORNING WITH GRANDPA, Lee and Low Books, May 2016). When she's not writing beautiful picture books, Sylvia co-runs Kidlit411, and was kind enough to interview me.

AND she's offering a book giveaway! You can enter to win an autographed copy of ELLA AND PENGUIN STICK TOGETHER. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Here's our chat. (click here) Enjoy!