Ella and Penguin and All the Wonders

I was beyond thrilled to have a chat with Matthew Winner on his All the Wonders podcast. I've long been a fan of Matthew and his genuine enthusiasm for children's books. This podcast has featured SO MANY of the writers and illustrators I admire.

In this episode, Matthew and I talk about how Ella and Penguin came to be, how much friends really have to match, and the role of critique on the road to publication. Take a listen!

Oh, The Places Ella and Penguin Have Gone

Ella and Penguin’s half birthday seems like a good time to look back at the whirlwind since the book launched and say…wow. And thanks.

Six months ago ELLA AND PENGUIN STICK TOGETHER appeared on book shelves.

And I was in for a heap of new experiences.

When your book is published, you go from solitary work to talking to people. A lot of people. Often. It’s a bit bananas, really. If you work alone for hours with characters that exist only in your head, public speaking is not the obvious next step.

But, I did my best to embrace the idea that this year would bring a lot of "firsts". And I was not disappointed.

New things I did this year (a partial list):
Presented my book to a packed book store
Autographed books
Visited schools as a Guest Author
Packaged hundreds of glow-in-the-dark stickers
Appeared live on the radio
Read to a full auditorium of students
Answered questions as a penguin
Performed storytime on a trolley
And, as the video attests, wore the heck out of a star and moon dress. 

And YOU made all this possible. 

Thanks for welcoming this book into your homes and lives and reading it to kids. Thanks for welcoming me into bookstores and schools and events.

Thank you for buying a book for yourself, your child, grandchild, child’s classroom, birthday gift or baby shower.

If you wrote a review or came to an event—thank you!

And thanks for sharing your pics. I love getting “Ella and Penguin sightings.”

Stay tuned...Ella and Penguin’s next book will be out in 2017!